October 2nd to December 5th


The 19th century Impressionists introduced a way of painting that highlighted innovation, exuberant brushwork, and freedom of expression. Monet, Renoir, and the others were independent artists, and despite their diverse approaches to painting, were contemporaries in their vision of seeking truth. Their avant-garde use of passionate, spontaneous, and vibrant colours, for example were shocking to and mocked by society. There was less focus on realism and more emphasis on modern day depiction.

The Colour Distinctive duo, Angela Lillico and Genevie Henderson have embraced this way of painting with an emphasis on colour-bold, beautiful, free and uninhibited. Like the Impressionists, they express their ideas with pure, saturated and intense colours. Both artists have unique, distinct and individual approaches and share a common passion for art exploration, vitality and spontaneity in their art.

“In the spirit of Impressionism, we paint the voice of our hearts and minds with sincerity and truth.”

It is with these guiding beliefs and values; modern and contemporary Impressionists, Angela and Genevie proudly showcase their art.


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Genevie Henderson, MSA

Alchemy: “A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.” (Oxford Dictionary)

Sun Tzu in The Art of War observed “ There are not more than 5 primary colours, yet in combination, they produce more dazzling hues than can ever be seen”.

Genevie’s contemporary art is alchemy: – different, unique, with multi-faceted dimension. She has embraced a palette of impressionism, abstract, figurative and cultural art rendered in acrylic, inks, mixed medium and metallic elements.

Genevie’s distinctive signature style is distinguished by passionate colour that in combination transforms her paintings into works with dazzling hues. Images, motifs and a love of exotic costume, kimonos and tapestry are typical in her artwork. Her paintings are recognizable through symbolism, stamping, markings, floating dots, and circular and squared patterns that evolve into very original personal abstractions.

Giving back to the community through her creativity is significant for Genevie, a social worker by profession. Her art is making a difference. She is especially proud of her award winning public art in Winnipeg storefronts and Corydon Village.

Genevie is one half of the duo, Colour Distinctive and a Springfield Signature Artist. She is a juried member of the Manitoba Society of Artists.

Her art can be seen at Pulse Gallery at the Forks, Oseredok Museum, Urban Art Gallery and websites: www.fineartamerica.com; pulsegallery.com

Contact: dhenders@mymts.net

Angela Lillico

Angela Lillico is an experimental visual artist. She works in acrylic, ink, collage, oil and wax and watercolour, sometimes in vibrant saturated hues, other times in soothing, calming tones. Each medium is used in a different style and the medium is chosen depending on the idea or subject matter. Nature, especially water, rock and flowers, bring inspiration leading to each impressionistic/expressionistic, semi-abstract or abstract piece of work.

Over the past twenty years numerous classes and workshops attended locally and in the USA increased knowledge of a medium and understanding of self. As a volunteer she has painted murals on the interior walls of a clinic in Roatan, Honduras, and taught young students in Cuba the basics of drawing and painting.

She has exhibited in a number of local shows in Winnipeg, winning various awards. She also shows her works at the Kenora Farmers Market in the summer months. Her art can be seen at the Wayne Arthur Gallery and the cre8ery and her website: www.angelalillico.com.

Collectors come from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

She is a juried member of the Manitoba Society of Artists and the Assiniboia Group of Artists Cooperative Inc.

Contact: angela.m.lillico@gmail.com

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