Show Statement: These paintings explore our role as co-creators of our own reality. We are always both creating and exploring a labyrinth of possibilities by choosing what we will be aware of and what we will be oblivious to. In this sense we are all unfinished creatures still struggling to evolve, to transcend ourselves.

I focus on our ongoing exploration of this capacity for awareness. I am interested in the search itself and in how we deal with the frustration when our quests do not lead us to easy answers. How do we find the will to keep seeking? When we are confused or conflicted do we look away or do we look deeper? Do we choose avoidance or engagement?  

I understand the hunger for clarity, certainty and simplicity but I celebrate the struggle to keep on juggling multiple, conflicting viewpoints. Only by embracing uncertainty can we hope to abandon our maps and step beyond established paths.    –Sheldon Dawson



About the Artist: Sheldon is a resident of Warren, Manitoba. He balances both a successful career as a freelance illustrator and a long-standing commitment to produce and exhibit fine art that explores his own personal vision.

After a 25-year career in the advertising industry, Sheldon has devoted the last 15 years to the publishing world where he specializes in illustrating children’s books and educational material.

Sheldon has illustrated more than 40 books.

In the fine art realm his acrylic and mixed media paintings have been exhibited in many solo, juried and group exhibitions throughout Manitoba and Alberta.