Eléonore Esau

Main Impressions | Acrylic | $450 | 20×20”

Naomi Gerrard

I Could Have Danced All Night | Mixed Media | $990 | 36×30”

Danielle King

Danielle King is most interested in themes on dualities, dreams, mirroring and the female form. Her work stands out as darkly playful, introverted and highly detailed, ignited with copious amounts of coffee.


A background in film and visual arts, Danielle King has been working since 2006 on narrative-driven projects.

Danielle instructs art classes around Manitoba. She specializes in all types of traditional animation (stop motion, cel, flip, silhouette, motion painting, etc.), but also enjoys instructing Painting, Drawing, Multimedia, Mixed Media, Ceramics, hardware/software courses. She shares student animations here. Danielle works with all ages and skill levels.

Danielle has been instrumental on creative, organizational and business aspects of artistic projects in Winnipeg. Over the past 6 years she has played a key role in artistic-driven for-profit and non-profit companies.

As a Producer, her biggest project to date is Clandestine: Anomaly, a mobile AR Sci-fi game. Click here for a list of awards given to it and for top 10 lists that compare Clandestine: Anomaly to Pokémon Go.

You might have also seen her other mobile projects: Cinémental 25, and the Fossil Discovery Adventure. Danielle’s next project dives into the world of Virtual Reality.

Mirrored Mask | Coloured Pencil | $300 | 16×20”
Silent Dance | Digital | $200 | 16×20”

Olga Krahn

Abundance | $150
Blueberry Picking | $350

Annemarie Layman

Annemarie Layman is a local Winnipeg artist who has showcased her work with MSA , the Mennonite Heritage Gallery, cre8ery and Winnipeg Sketch Club. She loves the vibrancy of luminous colours that are released when working with inks on yupo paper. The abstract forms that are created connect to images from childhood and render her love of nature.

Indigo Blue | Ink on Yupo | $250 | 18×20”

Pat McCullough

“Life, like a reflection, is fragile. Our experiences change depending on our point of view, our attitude, how we see the world. Hard edges become organic, straight lines curve, reality becomes imagination. Life is softer, more gentle.

These abstract paintings, based on photographs of reflective surfaces I have taken, are deliberately non-specific. This allows them to be interpreted in many different ways, possibly landscapes, figures, animals or birds. But I deliberately leave it up to the viewer to experience them. For me, they are internal reflections on life. And it is different for each viewer.”

Pat McCullough is an abstract painter currently working in oils. She began watercolour painting in 1995, studying under Leona Brown, switched to acrylics in 2006 under Milos Milidrag, and has been mentored by Libby Weir, George Glenn, David Garneau and Michael Boss at the annual Arts West Retreat at Clear Lake. Since 2012 she has been primarily working in oils. Her work has developed over the years to its current style of hard edges with emphasis on shape, line and colour. She is represented by Soul Gallery in Winnipeg.

Pat is Publicity Chair of the Manitoba Society of Artists and Membership/Volunteer Liaison Co-Chair of the Associates of the Winnipeg Art Gallery. She is on the executive of both organizations. She is a member of the Group of 8 Artist Salon and has exhibited her work throughout Manitoba, both in solo shows and group shows. She lives in Winnipeg.

Web site:

Hello World | Oil | $1,000 | 35×27.5”
Window into the Soul | Oil | $800

Bonnie Taylor

Atlas | Acrylic | $300 | 18×24”
Evening Enchantment | Collage | $300 | 20×25”