Winnipeg artist Faye Hall collaborated with local author, Paul H. Boge to create “The Biggest Family in the World”, an award winning children’s book telling the story of Dr. Charles Mully.


Discover the inspirational and true story of a poor, abandoned six-year-old Kenyan boy who grows up to become a very rich and successful businessman who decides to sell all that he has to make a difference in the lives of street children. The Mully Children’s Family has in over 25 years, rescued over 10,000 children. This showing is comprised of many of the actual paintings used in the book.

Following a 25 year career in advertising design and widowhood, Faye made a complete change to working as an administrative assistant in the office of singer/songwriter Steve Bell.

Exposure to music, travel photography and poetry resulted in a re-awakening of her love of painting. Faye’s life-long faith in God is also evident in her prolific repertoire of realistic and abstract portraits that are charged with energy, passion and colour. Faye is married to Volvo technician, Darrell Hall and lives in Winnipeg.

About Faye Hall