This year’s Annual Potluck was held at:

The Forum Art Centre

120 Eugenie Street
Sunday, December 11, 2016

It was a fun time with food, great company and music.

We had three fantastic presentations from some of our new members: Monique Fillion, Helen Sabados, and Olga Krahn.

At the same time we held our Annual General Meeting. Congratulations to the new names on the board! Here is our 2016-2017 Executive:

President  |  Bonnie Taylor
Vice President  |  Danielle King
Secretary  |  Ruth Kamenev
Treasurer  |  Allyson Watts, CPA, CMA

Membership Chair  |  Annemarie Layman
Publicity Chair  |  Pat McCullough
Small Exhibitions Chair |  Kathleen Crosby
OJCE Chair | Kathleen Crosby
Social Convener | Angela Lillico
Newsletter Chair  |  Rachel Ines
Webmaster Chair |  Danielle King
Phoning Convener  |  Jean Wiens
Directors at Large  |  Tony Kuluk
Directors at Large  |  Jean Wiens
MSA / WAG Liaison  |  Pat McCullough