About the Exhibit: The Manitoba Society of Artists was established in 1902 to recognize the merits of Manitoba’s outstanding artists, to promote and encourage visual artists in Manitoba and to provide a western equivalent to the Ontario Society of Artists. In addition to showing work by its members, the society campaigned for an art gallery and art school in the province and arranged for touring exhibits from institutions outside Winnipeg, such as the Chicago Art Institute.

Its membership was originally comprised of “painters, sculptors, architects, artistic engravers, draughtsmen and designers”, residing in Manitoba or temporarily residing elsewhere, and membership was determined by a selection committee which judged submitted work of prospective members.

Although the specifics of membership have changed over the years, members have always been chosen by a jury and needed to be practicing Manitoban artists.Members of the Society exhibit together, enjoy social events, and participate in educational ventures, such as lectures, slide presentations and workshops.

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Presented here are the works of 17 of 100 members of the Manitoba Society of Artists.

  • Rosella Farmer
  • Terry Mellway
  • Jane Gateson
  • Jayne Nixon
  • Luba Olesky
  • Heather Boyd
  • Kathleen Crosby
  • Sheldon Dawson
  • Lily Lim
  • Paul Toews
  • Pat McCullough
  • Kathleen Black
  • Christine Marek-Matejka
  • Genevie Henderson
  • Naomi Gerard
  • Eleonore Esau
  • Ruth Kamenev