valmestad11_morningfog2015In the Piano Nobile Gallery
Centennial Concert Hall
555 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB
February 29th to  April 10th, 2016.
This body of work investigates the concept of mood painting and focuses on the Nordic summer night and the Norwegian arctic. Historically, mood paintings are a latter 19th century genre of Scandinavian landscape painting, which show a simplification of forms all blanketed in a diffused blue tonality –a special light found only at midsummer.  I received funding to travel to Norway in June 2015 and sailed north along the coastline beyond the Arctic Circle, where I photographed and sketched the midnight sun and very unique light and  landscape.  These have subsequently been worked into larger paintings that range from recognizable landscapes to complete abstractions, during my sabbatical from the University of Manitoba.  The work is also a conscious and physical exploration of line – the route of the Hurtigruten Line, with its network of boats traveling up and down the coast of Norway and the lines of vertical brushstrokes and texture “interfering” with the landscape and ultimately asserting itself as subject.


About the Artist: Liv Valmestad is a Norwegian-Canadian artist who lives in Winnipeg. She has a B.F.A. from the University of Saskatchewan and graduate degrees from Queen’s and Western Universities and a post graduate diploma in art from Ringebu College, Norway. Her education at art school in abstract formalism has fostered valmestad6_interference2015her continued interest in “ambiguous space” and fascination with edges and the space between and around things.  This tension between the illusionistic and the flat is achieved through rhythm, colour, pattern and texture and her subjects reference both Nature and the “Decorative.” Valmestad has exhibited in several provinces across Canada and has work in public collections including the University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba, the Millennium Library, the Buhler Collection and the Province of Manitoba Art Bank.